Material for PLDI’18 tutorial now available

We have prepared the material for our tutorial givenĀ @PLDI 2018. If you participate in the tutorial, we kindly ask you to install Phasar on your machine before the tutorial, so we can get right into working with it from the start in order to maximize your learning experience. As many C++ projects Phasar does have a considerable compile time and we would like you to be productive from the very beginning and not to wait for the compiler to be done. Also some of our provided pre-packaged options for the tutorial are quite large, so we would like you to download and install your preferred option ahead of time.

There are three options to work with Phasar during the tutorial:
1. Using a VirtualBox VM
2. Using a Docker container
3. With a cloned copy of the source code

Please have a detailed look at and

We are looking forward to an interesting tutorial with you.